BRITTNEY (lite_my_star) wrote in goodbye__uglies,

in clairs be glamerous

Michael Jackson hoes.

Me and Eloura in all sorts of Sunglasses

This cool dude at Zumies i liked his sunglasses so i took a picture of him.

Me and Eloura In Hollister (kinda look professional haha)

The bam poster in Zumies, yum.

In this one sotre but u had to 18 or older to sit on the chaors so we got kicked out lol

Hot Dresses from Charoltte Russe.

U cant really see mine its got white polka dots (haha u can see eloura talking the pictures)

Elouras was to big so it was sliding off her boobies

Then we went to Tj Max.

Double D's !

Backpack Backpack im a backpack loaded up..........

Ha ha me and eloura are making out with that hot sexy big bird

Long scurry dressing room son Tj Max ( haha e added the red rum)

Saddams wifes

the outgoing slut wife haha

The shy vergin wife haha 

oh yeah the sees lady in the mall shes so hxc haha

OH Flower you.

Hot shit yo.

Oh yeah and a car picture lol

The End. =]

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aww, you guys looked like you had so much fun!! I love that pink dress<3